Showa Kinen Park


Its a big Park with many paid facilities for children and adults. Mini golf,Bouncing dome,children’s forest, rainbow hammocks,Unicycles,bicycles and many more. I wonder how they have packed all at one place.

There is an open area in the middle of the park where adults and children play badminton,shuttle,diskette.etc
A dedicated piece of ground is marked to play foodball.Coaches train little kids to play football and the match is conducted like a FIFA game,dress code,timings,goals,fouls everything is considered. Imagine kids of age 6-7 years playing with all the discipline of a professional player. It was fun and amazing to watch them play.

There is water park,Japanese Garden Kanfutei Teahouse,Children’s Forest woodworking center,Barbecue Garden where you can
carry your barbeque and make snacks,Then there is park train to take you around for people who cannot walk or cover a big area.

Since the park is very big in area,there is an option where you could pay and take the bicycle to go around.
It was fun riding bicycle after real long time for around 3 hours that too in a park with greenery around,warm sunny day.
We also did boating. 2 types of boats were available. Row and pedal boats. We chose row boat. Aru realized how difficult it is to paddle a boat. Hats off to fishermen and people who paddle their boats in rivers and seas with such an ease.
It so much depends how you paddle the sticks to take directions.

Everything is paid service, no wonder its maintained very well.

This place is a little far from the place we stay. Shinagawa, It took nearly an hour to reach.
The name of the station where u need to go is Nishi Tachikawa from Shinjuku on Chuo Line.

The entry to the park closes by 4pm. You can carry a pair ofย  clothes if you want to get into water park.


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