Yokohama on a Cold Cloudy & Rainy Day


This weekend we planned to visit Yokohama.There are many tourist attractions here in Yokohama,we could not cover all of it, Managed to cover more than half of the sight seeing places.

Yokohama is a city with International trading port.It is located along the coastline of Japan’s Pacific Ocean.

Aravind had read in Tokyo guide book that we could travel by sea from one location to another in a Covered boat, we headed towards this place called Sea Bass where we have to take a ticket to goto Yamashite park,Person escorting us into the boat wished us Namaskar,Dhanyawad and Subhyatra,We were surprised to hear these words from Japanese.On the way if you look around we get to see a beautiful view of an amusement park(Giant wheel),oil refinery,Bridge,International terminal,Japan coast guard,Minato Mirai (Tallest building in Tokyo that offers 360 degree view of Tokyo and Has got the Fastest Lift).

We reached Yamashite park,where we met a Japanese Uncle who had been to Delhi 10 years ago.He managed to explain to us about what he had seen in Delhi.

From there we strolled down to a place called China town, China town is a street,a place full or restaurants,cake shops and eateries . I assume this place is famous for momo’s, Most of the people on street did not miss on eating huge momo’s.

Moving on, we took a subway train to Queens Square and reached the amusement park, by then it was raining , we managed to get into giant wheel and capture beautiful view around from the top.

The building next to Queen’s Square,Minato Mirai is the tallest building with 72 floors.It has got the fastest lift with max speed of 750 meters per minute.It takes 40 secs to reach 65th floor where u get to see 360 degree panoramic view of Tokyo.Observatory is named Sky Garden.1000 yens per person are the charges.Observatory area has the facility to sit and relax and some refreshments(u need pay and get things to eat or drink)

From here, we headed back to our apartment.


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