Visit to Shinjuku Koen (Shinjuku Park)

Aravind and Me today decided that I have to go out to see places around and also get used to travel by trains. Yesterday from concierge we picked up an English weekly paper named Japan-i.There was this column which said NATURE’S FESTIVAL OF COLORS BEST SPOTS FOR AUTUMN LEAVES IN TOKYOThere were places mentioned that I could reach or travel, one was Shinjuku and the other was Yoyogi. These are stations on Yamanote Rail Line(One of the railway route covering the heart of Central Tokyo). I had not decided that I will go visit any of these parks.Aravind told me check out Shinjuku, its a bigger station and has many platforms and exits. He had also mentioned that south entrance and south east exit has places to see.I reached Shinjuku,Walked out of South East exit.Walked down the street on the Left for about a kilometer,I could see only shopping malls.Came back again towards the South east exit of Japan railways station.Then I realized I can goto Shinjuku Koen(Shinjuku Park).Japan-i had the route to reach the park. I managed to reach the park by asking for directions from people on streets, they are kind enough to explain,but in Japanese,If you understand good to go,else try to understand the directions with no choice.Its a very beautiful big park with an area of 58.3 Hecters.Its Central Tokyo’s one of the largest Green Oasis.

Its said that in Autumn, we get to see different colored leaves on trees like maple and ginkgo variety. I was lucky to see few colors. Otherwise the park was green,bright sunny day, Housewives walking around with kids, couples, old age couples,corporates, college students all strolled in the park.


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