My First Trip Abroad-Tokyo(Japan)


Lucky I am to accompany Aravind My Husband,On a trip to Tokyo,where Language(Only Japanese,no other language,even in stores) and Food for veggies is such a big problem .

Our Flight departure from Bangalore was at 2.30am,that is 13th night and 14th early morning.From Bangalore we reached Hong-Kong in 6hrs,Transit time was around 4hrs in Hong-Kong.We had ample time to go around and see Hong-Kong airport.Airport is located in an area sourrounded with water,awesome view from the flight as well as from the airport,Water and mountains,Hong-Kong is a very small city given the area and population.
We Arrived at Tokyo Narita Airport at around 9pm in the night on 14th Nov 2009,Everything was new for me people around,Immigration,Customs and many other small things.Everything is so organized here in Tokyo, Right after we collected our baggage, there are counters for reservation of seat in buses to travel to required destination.We got our tickets, it had terminal number(something like platform number in our banglaore majestic bustand).Our destination was Shinagawa.we just have to hand over our tickets to the guys(like our conductors in private buses),they will load and unload our laguage at source and destination.We got down at Prince hotel and had to take taxi to Bureau(Name of the service apartment),its just 5 mins away from Prince Hotel(Prince hotel is a known landmark in shinagawa area I believe,not sure)


After we reached Bureau,since it was Saturday,there was nobody at the reception,at the entrance there is a touchscreen machine,with numbers on it, we had to key in ‘0007’for 24hrs service center,to open the door.Door opened and we were in the reception area,nobody to attend,after 5 mins a guy came in and confirmed our booking and escorted us to our apartment(room),handed our card keys(looks like our ATM card).He didnt know english.Its more like communicating based on expressions.Aravind understood and managed or handled their communication better,because of his fourth visit to Tokyo and off course he has learnt few Japanese words.

View from my apartment

Once we settled after checking in, We had to meet Thomas, as he was flying to India next day early morning.We met Thomas and Gopal,had normal chat relating our wedding celebration and offcourse discussion about work among guys.Thomas and Gopal are Aravind’s Colleagues.


On Sunday 15th Nov 2009, There is some maintainance that happens where there is absolutely no power,no water,no lift(room being on 16th floor),and that was between 10.30am to 3.30 noon.Hence we had to go for an outing,with no choice for rest after long travel.We had our breakfast.(its a complimentary breakfast provided every morning).Menu includes Eggs,milk,some meat,salad,greens,bread and bun,butter jam,tea coffee,juice.Then we left to Shinagawa station,which is 10 mins walk from the place we stayed.After reaching there, we bought a card(Suica),its something like a debit card,there are automated machines in all stations of japan where you need to get the currency filled to this card. Aravind taught me how to use that machine to fill in currency to that card.Every station has Entrance’s,where u have machine to swipe this basically records currency in the card.this card canbe used for any purpose within station limits.There are different rail lines to different places,U need to know which rail route u need to take to reach the destination, which platform,u find trains every 5 to 10 mins,Train door opens for some seconds(not sure how many seconds).Get into the train,before train halts at any station,name of the station or place is annouced,in English and in Japanese.Once we reach destination station,again swipe the card to go out of station. What happens here is, Total fare is deducted from your account for the distance travelled.Isnt this awesome.No headache of carrying cash, asking for change and things like that.

Ok,we were going to Kamakura.

From Station we walked down through the lanes of kamakura,neat and clean,with people riding cycles,some with flowers in the basket and some with kids in the basket of the cycle.We reached this temple at a height on mountain called Hase Dera Temple.It was full of had rained previous day,a little moist feeling all over the place. This temple has a magnificient statue of Hase Kannon,which has 11 heads.

For details on many others halls in the temple, Refer this link


There is a beach ahead of temple,From temple you get to see the view of the Beach.

From Hase Dera Temple we moved on to another place(tourist spot) where we get to see seated Buddha,Japanese call it Kamakura Daibutsu.



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  1. OK. Here you go. Debut happened from a foreign soil. A place where you don't to get to see any soil 🙂

    Details are little too much for a 3rd person. Me, being your first, can bear 🙂

    Welcome on board Ni.

  2. mmmmm…. :)) looks like havin gr8 fun…. 🙂 enjoy the most… these are the few best days of life…. :))) how u managing food there?? NIMMI THE VEGETARIAN… 🙂 have u tried sushi?? lol

    Take care dude…. say Hi to Arvind…

  3. Welcome Nirmala!first of all hats off to your great patience for detailing on so many things.See you had to go to Japan to start a blog 🙂

  4. I thought only I wrote long stories on trip… welcome to Neeli Nimmi….I am sure it”ll be awesome to travel around now with you also blogging…I know its tiring to pen down everything….but to read the same after a couple of feel as if you are doing the trip all over again…


  5. Nimmi…very well written and explained, i just felt as if i was somewhr around the place by reading ur article…keep the good work going….hope u go around the whole world and make our view clear…


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